About Teachers Rate Schools

We put together this website in response to our experiences in going through the application and interview process and then working in our new schools. 

When finding a school we might like to work at, if we are lucky, we know someone, or someone who knows someone, who already works there and we can find out the insider’s perspective of teaching in that school we spend precious hours on our application.

The application process is lengthy; one has to investigate the website, research the policies and Ofsted report, interpret the job description and person specification and then fill in the lengthy application form [so often different for each school/county], tailor our reasons for wishing to work at the school whilst trying to impress with our experience and dedication and top it all off with the covering letter. 

Then, hopefully, we need to prepare for the interview; plan our lesson to a brief, prepare our responses to the myriad of possible questions and plan cover for lessons we will miss when we are out of our current school.

On the day of the interview, we are shown around and introduced to the staff who will tell us good, maybe even great, things about the department and the school.  However, are they simply putting a positive spin on things?  Let’s face it; they need to replace the departing member of staff or their workload will increase and who wants that?  We also chat to our fellow hopefuls and learn about life in their current school.  Sometimes, it’s wonderful and they are leaving simply because they're looking for progression; we make a mental note to look out for vacancies at that school!  Sometimes, it sounds horrifying and they are looking to escape… Insider opinions and experiences are extremely useful, hence the creation of this website by teachers, for teachers.

The questions on this website were put together by a group of teachers of different ages, with diverse subject specialities, at varying levels of career progression and experience in both the public and private sectors. We have tried to keep the ratings section short; we know you don’t have the time to answer dozens of questions!

We ask that you retain your professionalism when using this site.  Thank you.